Thursday, July 2, 2009

7 1/2 Things

I liked the video a lot. It was a nice reminder that we are all lifelong learners; and how much we learn during our lifetime is really up to us.
I think the easiest thing for me is Habit #3-I've really tried hard not to let challenges get me down. My parents were awesome teachers in this respect, and as I've faced the challenges of single parenting, dealing with drug addiction in a child, illnesses, home improvements (ie: disasters...) and yes, changing a tire on my own, I've discovered amazing strengths I never knew existed in myself. I am thankful for those challenges because they have made me who I am.
The hardest thing for me is Habit #4. Of course, all the while I faced those above named challenges, I was having conversations with myself about whether I was smart enough, creative enough, persistent enough, and tough enough to get through them. My BIGGEST self-challenge is self worth; no matter I accomplish, I have to work hard not to belittle it. I have to constantly be on guard with my 'thought-speak'. I will really remember the words in #4--"The words you use become your reality"-- and work on this!

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